In the various arms industry hot oil and steam boilers that we produce as the Best Mechanical and Chemical ( leather, paper , textiles, food, chemicals, paint , etc.) are used in systems that require high temperature is preferred as an alternative to steam boilers .
250,000 Kcal / h and 5,000,000 kcal / h in accordance with standards in the production of various sizes with heat capacity is realized .
(It is possible to produce the desired capacity depending on customer request. )

  • We make appropriate design and manufacturing to international standards.
  • High quality and long life guarantee
  • Heat transfer oil ensures long life
  • ST 37 quality certified materials . Serpentine quality certified steel pipes ST 35.8
  • 250,000 – 5,000,000 kcal / h capacity
  • According to the preferred natural gas, LPG or fuel oil burner
  • 0 – 10 bar pressure and 0 – 300ºC temperature resistance
  • Temperature, pressure and oil level automatic control equipment
  • PLC automation options
  • Heat transfer oil combustion or oxidation is no risk to the closed system of nitrogen -assisted work
  • On the inside of refractory , insulation and mineral wool on the outer side