About Us

Our company was founded by experts in the field by teams of 2003 to serve the chemical industry since . The best solution for all the needs of the industry and new offers quickly and permanently . Our company provides customers with technical information and support to the project knowledge and experience in all kinds of special projects .


Company History


Humble Beginnings

Best Makina ve Kimya Company to create the infrastructure work was done . Experience in manufacturing exchanger system have formed a skilled team were carried out on a small scale manufacturing .

Company Formation

We laid the foundation of our company with our specialized staff in teamwork by various studies for 3 years. First , we signed a very high quality work in Pendik, Istanbul .

Our company is growing

Our work with our company growing in Pendik Tuzla Beyoglu new campus has continued his career in the industrial site and continued its development by taking new projects. continued to grow as the fruit of our work effectively and decisively to international projects we have signed.

We are growing more !

Since 2015, our large campus in Kocaeli Diliovası is now able to produce larger projects and standard products. printing without sacrificing print quality growing our company has taken its place among the leading companies in the field with the principles of customer-oriented work.